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This was an excellent pantomime with some truly brilliant principals in all the various roles and some fine well rehearsed production numbers especially the ballroom scene which was packed with well chosen musical numbers to suit all ages. The singing and dancing of Charlotte Thornton (Prince Charming) and Paige Smith (Cinderella) were a delight to watch. Two other eyecatching performances came from Jane Ellaway (Fairy Godmother), she was brilliant with a wonderful sense of timing and a fine voice, and Suze Trim (Baroness Velma Von Strapt) who gave us a master class in this role. Her rendition of the Big Spender number was worthy of Shirley Bassey. The Ugly Sisters Tom Daley (Liseria) and Steven Holt (Salmonella) kept the comedy moving along with a very well performed nutcracker comis ballet. Buttons (Paul Metcalfe) never missed a chance to find a funny movement to amuse the audience. All the other cast members were of a very high standard. The production was well produced and the choreography well organised. Lovely costumes stage sets and well chosen music along with good sound and lighting of a very high standard gave us all a fine night's entertainment that was much enjoyed by the large audience. (Noel Rigg, NODA Representative).

Morley Amateur Operatic Society's production of Cinderella was another tremendous sucess, following the much more challenging Guys and Dolls staged last September. It really is a privilege to see performancess of such quality so close to home. Prince Charming , helped by Dandini, insists on making his own choice of bride, despite being beset by pushy parents, , ugly sisters and Cinderella's wicked step-mother. One thing has been particularly noticeable during my Mayoral year; that is that events, functions and performances are far better attended and supported by members of the public in Morley than they are elsewhere. Cinderella matched that level of support and I am sure that everyone will have had a thoroughly good evening. (Coun. Tom Leadley, Mayor of Morley.) Letter to Morley Observer.

I felt that I had to write in to express my sincere congratulations to the Morley Amateur Operatic Society for their outstanding show. My Mum and I were fortunate to attend the Friday performance of Cinderella in the Morley Town Hall; we were both royally entertained and blown away with the professionalism of the show. Having a musical background myself, I do appreciate a good musical performance. There were so many great performers, but I would particularly like to mention Paige Smith; her beautiful and angelic voice was particularly suited to the role of Cinderella. The comic timing, acting ability and good voice of Paul Metcalfe who played Buttons, Suzé Trim had a real powerhouse voice and strong stage prescence as the Baroness Velma Von Strapt, while no Cinderella performance would be complete without mentioning the Ugly Sisters played by Tom Daley and Steven Holt, who were hilariously funny. The show was very interactive with a great audience sing-along and a few heart-warming birthday mentions of audience members. Thank you for a great evening; a truly class act, and I am looking forward to watching future shows.(Andrea Jenkyns, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Morley and Outwood.) Published in the Morley Observer.

What a treat was in store for me and others as we entered Morley Town Hall on a cold February evening. From the moments the lights dimmed and the curtain went upwe were treated to an evening packed with wonderful entertainment. The Sunbeams warmed our hearts with their radiant smiling facesnot to mention their delightful dancing. Buttons displayed precise comedic timing in the role of Cinderella's champion. Salmonella and Listeria infected us all all with their own inimitable brand of humerous slapstick. Velma von Strapt (wicked Stepmother) belted out a version of Diamonds are Forever with a volume worthy of the Diva herself. Prince Charming and Cinderella gave great performances, as did all the cast. I must congratulate everyone who had any input into this fantastic week of entertainment for uor town. Well done Morley Amateur Operatic Society! Long may thissociety, run by volunteers continue to involve and entertain the people of our town. (Coun. Shirley Varley.) Published in the Morley Observer.


Thoroughly enjoyed this production. Thought it much better than a recent production at the Rowntree Theatre in York. I will come to Morley Amateurs as long as I can drive over here! (Sheila Williamson, Nether Poppleton, York. Past member & a long standing Patron/Friend.)

Could hear every word - definitely one of the best - not a thing to criticise! Marvellous! (Reg Taylor, Past President and Patron/Friend)

What a fabulous show - very professional. We thoroughly enjoyed it and it was well worth the trip over from York. Please pass on our congratulations to everyone involved in the production. (Marion & David Martin, Skelton, York)

Enjoyed the show very much on Thursday, thought it was one of the best we've seen there, really enjoyed it. Thought the principals singing / performances were excellent. Many thanks for a great night out. (Mary & Graham Beech, Wakefield)

Hi, just wanted to say I came to see guys & dolls with my mother & granddaughter & we all enjoyed it so much. you all worked so hard & it was a credit to all involved. I love musical theatre but had never seen an amateur production before & to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement,. keep up the good work can't wait for your next production. (Jean Burton)

Bloody loved Guys and Dolls, well done all of you! (Hugh Raine)

Just watched the latest performance of Guys and Dolls at the Town Hall, really enjoyed it. All were spot on, but particular mention must go to Mollie Targett - a real star of the future. Thanks again for a most enjoyable evening. (Simon Clarke)

Congratulations on a fantastic production of Guys and Dolls. I went to see it last night with a few friends and we were all very impressed indeed. All the best for the remaining shows. (Andrew Bragg)

Just to say what a fantastic production last night! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and for a first night seemed to me to go extremely well. Sky and Sarah I thought were fabulous. It was our first MAOS production but we will be regulars from now on. Well done and good luck for the rest of the week. (Simon Barraclough)

This was a delightful, well directed show with some lovely additional touches. I particularly enjoyed the overture where principals were introduced in spotlight setting the scene.How lovely to see a stage full of men who could sing and move well. The choreography for them was simple but effective with well timed moves and actions.A pretty Sarah Brown(Mollie Targett) sang beautifully throughout and was well matched to a most likeable Sky Masterson (Daniel Flynn). Nathan Detroit(Richard Longbottom) and Adelaide(Annette Conway) provided some great comedy moments with their matrimonial problems. There was a strong supporting cast and a lovely line up of Hot Box Girls. Chorus singing was strong and really came out in 'Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat' led by a talented Nicely Nicely (Steven Holt). The set was simple, effective and very well lit. The costumes were excellent and a credit to the MAOS wardrobe. I must give a special mention to the Havana scene which flowed beautifully, not an easy scene to get over to the audience. This was a good evenings entertainment sending the audience home singing. (Pam Booth - NODA Representative)

I want to tell you all how brilliant the production of Guys and Dolls was. A group of my staff went to see the opening night on Wednesday, and we were all thrilled with it. The quality of the performances was excellent. Some people were comparing it to West End productions they had seen. (Jacqueline Wadsworth)

I just wanted to let you know our feelings regarding the production of "Guys & Dolls". The performance was spectacular, the sound quality was perfect, the costumes were fabulous.The singing roles and the whole show was very professional,
in fact it amazed me how such a fantastic show could be put on for such low admission costs?
I think you will gather from my comments .... We really enjoyed it. We saw this same show on stage 15th October 1985. Morley Town Hall (MAOS)! Please pass my comments on to all concerned.
I've now ordered the film version from Lovefilm.
What a great night is was. Thanks to all, Best Wishes, (Roy & Sue Duckworth)

Babes in the Wood (With apologies to Billy Pearce at the Bradford Alhambra)

Just back from the matinee, what a show! It was excellent. Really funny, dancing looked good, singing sounded great. My Mum recently saw the panto at Bradford (Alhambra) and she said she enjoyed your production more, it was funnier and ran better. (Adrian Nicholson)

I think the humour was brilliant. In fact I thought it was funnier than when I took the girls to the panto at the Alhambra. You've really done Morley proud. (Wyn Kidger)

Dick Whittington

I've been promising myself that I'd go and see the Morley Amateur Operatics Pantomime for the last couple of years now and decided to go along last night even though I didn't have the obligatory 7 year old to take with me.

Morley Town Hall is a beautiful building and the perfect setting for a big stage event. The characters were wonderful and full of life and a special shout out needs to go the bright shining star, Matthew Young who was the witch doctor with Steven Holt as the confident, larger than life, Dame Sarah Whittington. I haven't laughed so much for a long time. But being a chartered marketer, the most memorable part of the show for me was the product placement with Fullertons Bakery!

I know it sounds strange but it just shows what you can do with a bit of imagination and a little dough. (Did you see what I did there?)

Dame Sarah Whittington owns a pie shop and there were some not so subtle name dropping about Fullertons and how great their baking is during one particular part of the show. Even during the normal sweet chucking part of the panto, they threw out Fullertons bread cakes. ( I suppose they land a little softer so they don't have the Health and Safety bods after their tails with bread cakes), and as we were leaving Morley Town Hall at the end of we all received a free bread cake and vouchers for a special lunch deal or cream buns at a reduced price.

What a great idea! Well done Fullertons Bakery. It just goes to show with a little imagination and local links you can promote your company really smartly on tight budget.

Published on: Friday, 3 February 2012 (Submitted by Frances Day - Wordweaver Marketing)

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The standard of acting was high from all principals, in particular Steve Holt as Mr Bumble, Stuart Marshall as Fagin and Sarah Young as Nancy gave excellent performances. Aaron Cawood was a very lovable Oliver, Ashley Young gave a brilliant and confident performance as the Artful Dodger and Rob Smith was a suitably evil Bill Sykes. All minor roles were played well and effectively. The orphans and Fagins gang were a joy to watch, it is so good to see so many young people on stage and doing such a good job.An excellent standard of singing from both chorus and principals. The full chorus numbers were well sung, the children's chorus singing was very good. The principals were excellent, in particular Mr Bumble's Boy for Sale, Oliver's Where is Love and Nancy's As Long as He Needs Me were a joy to hear. (Shirley Hoyland)

Thank you for being Mr Bumble then we could come and see you (see picture). I have been studying the Victorians at school and we have just finished reading Oliver Twist. Love from Tasha. (Tasha aged 7)

We enjoyed your show so much - such talent! I was sad when it ended. Well Done to everyone involved. Love Paul & Paula, (Tasha's Mum & Dad)

Another great show - the kids were amazing. Roll on February for the pantomime. (Marie Kelly)

I came to see the production of Oliver and was whisked into the 18th century from the first act. I cried during the production and wanted to stand up at the end to shout at Bill not to kill Nancy, but thankfully refrained. The cast were so professional and gave a first class performance, which honestly left me feeling like I was in the West End. Congratulations to all involved with special thanks to Sarah Young, who played Nancy, for acting with such passion and having a voice like an angel. Thank you again and I can't wait for next year's production. - (Beverley Kay)

Tip-top entertainment! Morley Town Hall was full and the audience around me from children to elderly loved this show. And I did! An excellent, full colour and informative programme and good Front of House support.I bet MAOS are very proud of Oliver 2011, it tapped into all your expertise, you also have new talent coming through. You made the optimum use of your theatrical resources and produced a show worthy of any city-centre showing. Well done to everyone. (Steve Morrell - Leeds Civic Arts Guild Adjudicator)

The performance of Oliver! given by the Morley Operatic Society in Morley Town Hall, had to be seen to be believed. Every facet of the production was absolutely top class, and comparable with any professional production. Congratulations to everyone involved in this wonderful show. - (Coun. Judith Elliott Mayor of Morley - via Morley Observer letters page)

I would like to congratulate everyone connected with Morley Amateur Operatic Society's production of Oliver! What a fantastic show it was. I attended on Friday Night with the Mayor, Coun. Judith Elliott, and then on Saturday with my family, with whom I saw the same show in London and to be honest this production was far more enjoyable. The casting was superb, especially Nancy and Fagin, who were exceptional. Once again, well done. - (Wyn Kidger, Mayoress of Morley - via Morley Observer letters page)

WHAT A SHOW! You've really topped it this time with your amazing production of 'OLIVER'. Don't think we've ever had so much positive feed back from the audiences as they left the Town Hall. From the Production Staff, the Stage Crew, Props, Costumes, etc. to everyone on stage, it really did leave you "wanting more".
Our friends from York were more than impressed with the quality of our Principals, Chorus and Fagin's Gang. They asked that we tell you how "brilliant" the whole production was.
You really have made a wonderful impression to both our regular customers and to the people attending their first Morley show. Let's hope they spread the word and we show them what we can do next year in "The Wizard of Oz". CONGRATULATIONS - you were fantastic. - (Geoff & Joan Snowden)

Oliver! was amazing - (Claire Fowkes)

I am writing to congratulate and thank the cast and all involved in the production of Oliver being shown at Morley town hall. I was in the audience last night and was thoughally impressed, so much so that I wanted to write in!! I did not know any of the cast members personally, I had picked up a flyer in Morley town centre and decided to come along. All the hard work everyone must have put in was noticed, we were so entertained and impressed all the way through. Well-done to all the cast including all those involved with the music, sound and stage too. The set and costumes were excellent and it really was a superb performance! No doubt a few stars are in the making among that cast!!! I will recommend to everyone I see in the next 3 days!! Please pass on my congratulation to the cast and everyone involved that made it possible. Kindest regards - (Hayley Morrison)

Return to the Forbidden Planet comments

I really enjoyed the show, infact I think it's one of my favourites that Morley has done, it was very professional and had a great energy to it, it looked like everyone involved really enjoyed themselves too. (Sarah Siddle)

"Congratulations on a great show"

I went to watch the MAOS production of Return To The Forbidden Planet at Morley Town Hall. This production was excellent and congratulations must go to cast and crew. It was certainly different from the usual musical offering and the change was welcome. It was well acted, the singing and musicians were excellent and the whole show was certainly well worth the ticket cost. An added bonus was the very funny narrative by a pre-recorded Billy Pearce.

I would like to congratulate MAOS for a wonderful evening and I would urge readers of the Observer and Advertiser to try and get tickets to their shows. Well done to MAOS for trying something different and making it work. Melissa Argyle via Morley Observer & Advertiser 29th Sepember 2010

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Name: Geoff & Joan
Email address:
Comments: RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET - AMAZING - You gave a fantastic performance last night, it was all we hoped it would be, and the reception you received from the audience said it all. Continue to raise the roof to the end of the production. You have a
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Margaret Simpson
08 October 2009 16:40:46

Attended the Sunday afternoon matinee with friends and we were all delighted with the show. The performances were superb from all the cast and it was especially good to see so many talented young people amongst the cast. Well done to everyone on the stage and behind the scenes. Looking forward to your next production.

Steven H
01 October 2009 09:53:54

What a fantastic week. Congratulations to all concerned. I've never experienced an atmosphere like that before with the audience singing and the flag waving. My prediction from the 15th May was pretty close, particularly on Friday & Saturday night. The show will live long in the memory of many people.

Allison Garbett
27 September 2009 21:14:44

Excellent production of WTLGOA....thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance. Had me in tears of laughter and emotion. Well Done to ALL the cast.

Wyn Kidger
26 September 2009 22:15:59

What a fantastioc show last night thoroughly enjoyed it
funny,emotional and what superb voices from all the singers. Well done

Sharon Inci
26 September 2009 19:43:08

I saw your wonderful show today and thought it was great. You have done an amazing job and it was so professional. You should be very proud. The actors were amazing and the singing spot on. I loved the people in costume promoting the show and helping out front of house and the flags for people to wave, to become more involved in the audience. Super ideas. It had something for all ages. I hope to see more of your shows.

Eric Hamilton
25 September 2009 15:08:59

Fantastic night last night at WTLGOA in Morley Town Hall. Supberb performance spoiled only by the constant drone from the spotlight when you are seated in the circle. Well done to everyone concerned. Enjoyed my first ever visit to such a event.
Eric Hamilton

Stuart M
25 September 2009 13:55:11

Just like to thank everybody connected with the production of W.T.L.G.O.A.once again you pulled out all the stops. WELL DONE and dont forget SPEAK UP & PROJECT.

Sue Earle
24 September 2009 01:32:40

Went to see 'When the lights go on again' this evening and it was FANTASTIC!! It was everything it promised to be and much more. Congratulations!!!!!

Joan Snowden
20 September 2009 18:10:59

GOOD LUCK from your President to everyone for WHEN THE LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN at the Town Hall this week. It promises to be a super show, there's a lot of enthusiasm in the town, and its now up to you to give them a great show.

As they say in Theatreland..........Break a Leg.

alan dohertya
31 August 2009 19:09:55

fond memories nice to see pictures of past productions keep up the good work

Steven H
17 May 2009 18:29:47

Congratulations to everyone involved in the President's Evening last night. The cabaret, the meal, the whole evening was fantastic.

See you all at the first rehearsal for WTLGOA on Tuesday

Steven H

Steven H
15 May 2009 13:07:53


Get your ticket orders for "When The Lights Go On Again" in FAST. Do your family & Friends a favour and tell them about the show NOW. Come September the tickets will be like gold dust.


Allison Dorree
02 March 2009 22:55:41

The pictures are great from the previous productions!!

23 February 2009 22:26:50

Fantastic everyone!!!

love u all

beth lancaster
23 February 2009 21:14:03


Alice Goddard
22 February 2009 18:10:03

Well Done to you all For the pantomine
You Were FAB :D:D

Thanks for a great time
Can't wait for next one aha.

Alice x

jess !!
16 February 2009 16:03:33

good luck guys on the opening night xxx

Roland Smith
09 February 2009 14:48:25

I was delighted to see the site and it revived many memories of my time with the society in the 1950's and 1960's. Anyone else remember those days - Ted Gilbertson ?

Dave Hassan
07 December 2008 13:37:55

Love the site - especially the list of previous productions and associated photographs - Ahh the memories!

Dan Taylor
29 November 2008 12:40:50

A great start is this.

Why not ask everyone to send in photos of previous productions - there must be loads out there ?

Yes please!!!!!!!
Morley Mouse.

Joan Snowden
09 October 2008 22:07:42

At last - our very own website.
Congratulations to everyone for putting on a great show at The Carriageworks in Leeds last month. You really did the Society proud. We look forward to another successful year in 2009. Well done.

23 September 2008 11:51:21

What a superb show, all the cast were superb, the hardwork really paid off. Everybody I have spoken to are looking forward to the next offering from MAOS, so here's to the pantomime in February.

Gordan miller
20 September 2008 02:38:28

well done on a great show the cast was full of energy a pleasure to watch.
well done you have done morley proud

maureen roberts
17 September 2008 01:27:18

congratulations on a fantastic show yet again more super although i am sure it would have been even better if it had been shown in morley instead

Sue Geary
02 July 2008 14:04:08

Well done! It's about time MAOS had its own website, good luck with it.
Sue Geary

25 May 2008 12:12:19

Wahoo - A MAOS website - Well done!! Hope we can all keep adding to it and build it up gradually!

Morley Mouse
22 May 2008 11:30:07

The site is looking really good, well done. I like the scrolling banner for Anything Goes - Keep up the good work. Morley Mouse.

21 May 2008 14:33:50

Well Done - looking really good (I like the scrolling banner for Anything Goes) SH

20 May 2008 20:05:15

I think the site's wonderful, even if it's still work in progress. The pictures of the past productions are lovely to see. Thank you, MAOS. I'll be sure to pick up a ticket for the next show!!!